by Karen Lindquist

In 1965 I joined the Purple Heart Auxiliary. They were meeting at the DAV in Security. I have held many offices before becoming Unit President in 1987-88. and have worked Bingo over 51 years.

First goal: Getting an American Flag and Banner. I was working Bingo at VFW and expressed my goal to the Bingo Manager. He said you get the facts and I'll get the money. Shortly thereafter five ladies from VFW attended a Purple Heart meeting and presented us with flag.

Second goal: The Chapter lead by the late Duane Huisenga, Commander; Bill Wolsey, Tom Norton, JD Pierce and Ruth started on ideas for money. In the end Bingo was the winner. The group made many trips to Denver for help from the Bingo Commission, where they got all the help they needed except money. Commander Huisenga and Ruth funded the Bingo beginning. Because of these two members Bingo is still occurring and is our only money making project.

Third project: Newsletters to members. Monthly newsletters were sent and Ruth paid the postage until Bingo had funds.

They began the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with good attendance.

They started the George Washington's Birthday celebration. The frrst year Patriot Conley had small flags made representing each flag design over the years. He took the presentation to the schools. Ruth also went to the schools thus began our Americanism and Patriotism programs in our schools.

In 1988 the Department of Colorado Convention was held in Greeley. Ladies Auxiliary took first place awards in Membership, Americanism, Community Service and Newsletter.

The Chapter and Auxiliary participated in many Parades throughout Cololrado, walking not riding. All the State fair Parade in Pueblo they took home a big first place trophy for Americanism. That same year Ruth attended Region 5 Meeting in El Paso Texas and Margaret Kozloski was Region 5 President.

Throughout the years the Auxiliary was busy with projects - blankets, pillows, goodie bags for Veterans at Ft. Lyons and Homelake plus the Homeless and nearby Veterans Homes.

Ruth attended the first National Convention in Hawaii and was elected Patriotic Instructor filling her duties for the year and attending the Minnesota National convention the following year.

From 2006-2010 she was Unit 423 President involved in everything we did - food prep, cleaning, donations, projects, attending funerals, newsletters, luncheons. Over many years she picked up and took home Ada Crowhurst and Mary Hawthom - two of our very active members who were not able to drive.

She has proudly raised 3 daughters and a son all who are members of 423 including a granddaughter and 2 great granddaughters.

Sadly she has attended funeral services of many of her Purple Heart Sister and Patriot Brothers.

She is still as active as she was 50 years ago and continues to work Bingo every Friday.

She holds the office of Unit Sr. Vice President and since 2015 is the Department Patriotic Instructor.

Her latest goal/wish is for new members to attend meetings and hold offices and work Bingo. We cannot lose Bingo. If we lose Bingo we lose our Purple Heart Home. We are the only Chapter/Unit in the entire United States that owns their building/home. The bingo funds have allowed us to own our building, built a monument at Memorial Park, provided many college scholarships, and, not least, has helped many Veterans and their families.

Ruth has enjoyed her years of fellowship in Purple Heart and with the many Veterans and their families. She is proud of her service and commitment for the Veterans.

She has been my best mentor and friend that a Sister could ever have.

There is nothing this Sister as not done. Ruth was honored at the George Washington Dinner with a plaque and a thank you for all she has done for Purple Heart and everything it stands for the past 51 Years.